Microsoft has pushed a new update for the Xbox Music app on Windows 8, brings in new features as well as a login-free trial streaming option.

Microsoft Xbox Music

While Windows 8 has a built-in search tool for apps, a new update brings the search functionality to the Xbox Music app, allowing users to search for any song stored on your PC as well as via Xbox Music from inside the app. Here’s the tiny changelog attached to the update:

Changelog for update 1.4.18:

  • Give free listening a try without having to sign-in
  • Access search from within the app
  • Bug fixes and other UI enhancements

Xbox Music update

Some minor tweaks and UI changes aside, Microsoft has also removed some restrictions on the app that make it a better place to stream music. From now on, Music lets you stream as much as 15 songs through the Xbox Music ad-supported service, all without even signing in. Definitely simplifies things for us. In addition, a new setting in the preference menu allows users to select whether they want their music collection to be synced across all the hardware where they have logged in using their account. This means that you will always have access to your entire collection no matter which connected device you log in through.

Source: Windows Experience Blog