In the past, simply being able to make video calls via a webcam was groundbreaking enough. But what happens when Internet connection speeds are rapidly becoming faster and HD content is fast becoming mainstream? That is right, you create a webcam that is capable of making video calls in full 1080p glory. Which is exactly what Microsoft has done.

Do you often gripe about how a webcam’s video quality often leaves a lot to be desired? If so, you might want consider Microsoft’s latest LifeCam Studio as a worthwhile investment. Not because it carries the Microsoft branding, but because it is the company’s first webcam to deliver online video calls at full HD (1080p) quality.

In a press release issued by Microsoft, the Redmond giant touted the new LifeCam Studio as ‘the perfect HD video calling companion for Windows Live Messenger’. It also claimed that the LifeCam Studio’s video quality was exceptional enough to be considered as “the closest thing to being there”.

In addition to its 1080p capabilities and video quality, the LifeCam Studio also offers various features such as a swivel joint for 360-degree coverage and an ‘elongated hood’ to prevent stray light from ‘washing out’ captured footage. Microsoft is also positioning the LifeCam studio as a companion accessory for the upcoming Windows Live Messenger 2011 instant messenger client, which will feature built-in support for HD video calls.

Microsoft did not provide any information for global availability and pricing, but stated that the LifeCam Studio was already available for sale within the US for an estimated retail price”of US$99.95.

Source: Microsoft