Microsoft Bing

Microsoft is planning to launch the Streetside feature of their Bing map service in Germany, competing head on with Google's Streetview. If everything goes well, the service could be up this coming summer.

While Google may have Street View, Microsoft has their Bing Streetside. And the Streetside service is coming to Germany. Google Street View cars had been accused of collecting data from open Wi-Fi spots and networks without authorization, and the search engine giant has admitted to the wrongdoing. To avoid similar thing from happening, Microsoft officials have met with industry associations, political representatives and privacy advocates. The software company will begin photographing 50 major cities in Germany and the service will be available for use to the public by the end of May 2011.

A website will be launched next Friday with detailed information on the routes the camera cars will take while they take the pictures, and with many people who do not want their homes to be shown on Streetside, Microsoft will have to find ways to tackle this issue for the Bing Streetside service. The Bing Streetside is scheduled to go live in summer this year.

Source: socialbarrel