In news that will surely have the anti-Micosoft crowd laughing and pointing the Great Big Fail finger in the company's direction there is news out today that Microsoft's security software package – Security Essentials has lost its certification.

I can hear the gales of laughter echoing through the Internet from all those people who love nothing better than smack talking Microsoft and its products following the news that the company's free security software package Security Essentials has lost its certification after bombing the security testing done by AV-TEST labs.

While Security Essentials scored exceedingly well when it came to usability – 5.5 out of 6; which included false positives and system resource impact, but fell down really hard when it came to zero-day protection where it only picked up on 64% of new threats in comparison to the industry standard of 89%.

Apparently its heuristics engine is where the problem seems to be, and which has been reported as a problem before, and the lack of a solid behavioral scanner, something that has increasingly become an industry standard requirement. On a slightly positive note though MSE did manage to detect 100% of malware that was three months or older.

The other areas that failed to impress the team at AV-TEST was the less than stellar way that Security Essentials handled the removal of "critical system modifications" with a repair score of only 3.5 out of 6.

As a fan of MSE it is sad to see, what was once regarded as a really good security software package by the industry, start this kind of downward slide. I guess it's time to find a new anti-virus package.