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Microsoft’s Xbox One official headset chases after the conventional

Microsoft will launch its own official Xbox One headset to compete with the likes of Turtle Beach, which has also revealed that they, too, will produce sound peripherals for Microsoft’s next-gen system.

The official Xbox One headset, which was spotted via IGN, looks relatively unimpressive to audiophiles, but if you’re a fan of the classic then we suppose there’s not much we can say to convince you otherwise.

Purportedly, the headset will feature wideband voice codec for a crisper chatting experience.  The controller input portion features the conventional mute as well as the volume +/- toggles.  From a design perspective, the Xbox One headset—as we stated earlier—utilizes a simple design, and it’ll get the job done (if you’re not deaf in one ear).  As far as an immersive audio experience go, it seems like the official headset isn’t aiming to take that position.

Pricing of the headset is currently unknown, but we’re expecting the headset to launch alongside the console.


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