Everyone’s favourite block builder might have to start all over again with next-gen systems.

Minecraft is the beloved indie gem from Swedish company Mojang and will live on in the next generation. Originally finding fans on PC, the game was eventually ported over to the Xbox 360 where it was loved even more by console gamers. During Microsoft’s announcement, they showed off the brand new console port for the Xbox One. One of the biggest questions from  E3 about Minecraft was whether 360 players would be able to bring over their old saves to their new game.

According to Phil Spencer, the game’s save states will not be able to be ported from the 360 edition to the Xbox One version. Spencer spoke with Official Xbox Magazine and stated that the game is a whole “new product on Xbox One”  and would not have the same saving system or files. “We’re actually updating it in pretty significant ways for the new platform,” he noted. “Bigger worlds, which don’t translate between the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One.”


However, shortly after this statement was made, 4J Studios, the team behind the Mojang port, tweeted that talks are ongoing with Microsoft about having the ability to bring them across. With Mojang’s new Minecraft Realms, there is a possibility that 4J could host the extra saves on their servers and give players the ability to load and share saves with friends at the drop of the hat.

via IGN