This R2-D2 may just have the projection that you need to use your mobile devices more conveniently.


We all agree that projection keyboards look cool, and we can all forgive the awkward usage and non-tactile feel because it just screams sci-fi. But do you know what can make it even better? Well, how about adding a more memorable sci-fi element to it? That is just what Imp’s R2-D2 virtual keyboard does, and it will hopefully make your projection keyboard a look a bit more at home to use.



It connects to any device via Bluetooth 3.0, so it has that standard effective use distance of 10 meters. Compatible OS are Windows 7/8, Mac OS X, iOS and Android 4.0+. It has an internal 660mAh Li-ion battery, which charges via micro USB. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t come with pre-recorded holographic projections of lost data, and no, don’t even get your hopes up of finding a distress call from a certain alien princess.

Shipping starts for the R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard on August, and it will be available with an estimated price of about $330.

Source: Watch (JP)