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Mini Review: Asus Pentium M Socket 478 Adaptor

Our testbed for this mini-review:

  • Intel Pentium M 1.8GHz (Dothan)
  • Asus P4P800-VM (i865G)
  • Kingston HyperX UL PC3200 512MB x2 (TCCD)
  • Inno3D Geforce FX6600GT 128MB

the adaptor and processor mounted on the board itself, notice the height increase in the socket.

The heatsink mounted onto the socket

A picture to show the elevation of the heatsink on the socket. A word of caution to all users who intend to use a third party heatsink of this adaptor, please do take extra care as due to the socket height increase, you might risk crushing the naked processor core, like what happened to us while doing this review…

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