Yup, all we managed to cook up before we cracked the core of the processor during the review… Due to the enormous increase in socket height and increased pressure from heatsinks, the fragile Pentium M processor core gave way before we could do anything more… =(

Some afterthoughts

  • The converter is still pretty new in the market and the bios is still pretty buggy, even with an AGP card slotted in, i’d still need to get into the bios to disable the onboard video manually.
  • There is zero FSB/Vcore adjustments in the bios. ziltch. I could only used clockgen for the overclocking that I’ve done
  • vdimm options between 2.55/2.65v

I would love to further extend the content of this review, but sadly as mentioned twice previously in this article, the processor that we had gave way before we could do a full writeup on the adaptor. We sincerely hope that we will be able to obtain another unit of the Pentium M processor for our testings, and provide a full review for all our avid readers! =)

Writing off,