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Mitsubishi joins 3D bandwagon, announces new LVP-HC9000D SRXD 3D video projector

Launches of 3D-capable television sets may be making headlines all over the world, but that does not mean that they are the only devices suitable for providing a home-based 3D experience. Enter Mitsubishi with its new LVP-HC9000D SRXD 3D video projector, which the company claims is capable of producing “strikingly realistic 3D images”.

Let’s face it: 3D projection is not exactly the newest piece of technology in the block, especially when one takes into account that such projectors have been around in the market for quite some time already. That being said, any news about new devices offering 3D technology will probably be of interest to the home theatre enthusiast, and the new LVP-HC9000 projectors from Mitsubishi are unlikely to be the exception.

According to Mitsubishi, the LVP-HC9000 projector series make use of Sony’s proprietary SXRD technology which is capable of producing double the framerates of most existing 3D display technologies. This reportedly allows users to enjoy extremely realistic 3D images from the new LVP-HC9000 projectors right out of the box.

To further improve the user experience, Mitsubishi claims that the projectors are capable of producing contrast ratios of up to 120,00 : 1, which results in “exceptionally deep blacks” highly sought after by home theatre enthusiasts. Last but not least, the LVP-HC9000 projectors can toggle between side-by-side and top-bottom 3D implementations and are fitted with Reon VX-200 processors to upscale standard-def movies into HD-capable resolutions as accurately as possible.

No prices have been officially released for the LVP-HC9000D and LVP-HC9000DW 3D projectors yet, although it is rather obvious that these projectors are not meant for anybody who is not a serious home-theatre enthusiast.

Reference: Mitsubishi Japan

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