Need a new monitor with an extremely high refresh rate? If so, look no further than Mitsubishi for such needs; the Japanese company has just announced the release of a new 23-inch monitor in Japan that boasts an IPS display panel capable of supporting full HD resolutions and a refresh rate of 120Hz, among other features.

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IPS panels? Who needs them, considering how they usually tend to suffer from much slower pixel response times which usually results in ghosting when used for various tasks such as gaming or video playback? Well, tell that to people who require near-perfect colour accuracy, image quality and an extremely wide viewing angle on their displays, which have been widely accepted as some of the needs that can only be solved by IPS monitors. And leave it to Mitsubishi to provide consumers with yet another choice in the market for high-end IPS monitors with the introduction of its new RDT233WX-Z widescreen monitor, as shown below.

At first glance, the RDT233WX-Z looks just like any other typical LCD monitor available for sale on the market today, except that its hardware specifications are anything but typical. According to Mitsubishi, the matte IPS panel used in the assembly of the 23-inch RDT233WX-Z monitor is not only capable of displaying content at full HD resolutions (1920 x 1080), but also delivering extremely high refresh rates of up to 120Hz. Mitsubishi also claims that the RDT233WX-Z also comes built-in support for what it calls its Giga Clear Engine II technology, which is supposedly capable enhancing video playback by delivering crisp and high quality images. In addition, Mitsubishi has also confirmed that the RDT233WX-Z supports PinP or Picture in Picture technology, and boasts a variety of video input ports such as having two HDMI ports, a DVI port, a VGA port and even the old Japan-only D5 port.

Unfortunately, it would seem that Mitsubishi has no plans release the RDT233WX-Z for sale outside of its domestic market, so chances of having the monitor appearing for sale in a country that is not explicitly spelt "Japan" are next to zero. Still, if you happen to have a wad of cash to burn and a Japanese friend who is willing to help you ship the monitor over to your residence, the RDT233WX-Z can be yours for 54,800 yen (approx US$683) once it is officially introduced into the Japanese market on June 29 this year.

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