Samsung’s gigantic booth occupies one corner of the hall with a huge LCD display that advertise their flagship phone, Samsung Wave.

Inside the Samsung booth, you can try your hands on the various phones. The manufacturer also lets you try out the various games and applications such as social networking (like Facebook).

Opposite from Samsung booth is Huawei, a networking and telecommunications equipment supplier from China.

Huawei phones are more popular in China as we don’t see them being sold here in Singapore. The maker also has their Android-based smartphones such as the one being demo-ed by a Huawei executive.

The LiMo foundation is the focus at the Panasonic booth. It seems that everyone (or a group of them) are starting their own platform. For those who don’t know, LiMo foundation is an industry consortium dedicated to create open-source Linux-based operating system for mobile devices.

Research in Motion (manufacturer for BlackBerry) and Acer have their booths outside at the courtyard.

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