Steve Ballmer gave an outline on what we can expect from their new Windows Phone that is based on the upcoming Windows Mobile 7 operating system. However, the Windows Phone will only be available end of the year.

HTC showcased their latest Legend, Desire and HD Mini at their booth. The smart phones are scheduled to be available from Q2 this year.

Nvidia announced their platform based on the mobile Tegra 600 series computer-on-a-chip for High Definition mobile internet device (MID) that can last days before the need to charge the battery.

Here are some other things spotted at MWC –

Some mobile phones (including iPhone) casings. One of them is made of wood with nice finish.

While Energizer is renowned for their battery products, the company also has their new range of power adapters (with USB ports) for mobile phones and portable gaming consoles like PSP and Nintendo DS. Its currently available only in Europe though.