Online insurance for mobile phones and tablets? No, it ain’t a joke as Mobilecover launches an online insurance product for mobile phones and tablets, a first in the island state.

These days, with the advent of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets that copuld potentially contain valuable or sensitive data, it is no wonder that insurance policies for such devices are becoming increasingly prevalent. A convenient new online option has just been launched by Mobilecover Singapore; a first for the island state that allows you to insure your mobile phones and tablets online, in just three minutes.

Underwritten by Zurich Insurance, Mobilecover’s offering covers devices regardless of mobile operator and protects them against damage, loss or theft. The range of policies also offer additional benefits such as international coverage and coverage for accessories, as well as protection against unauthorised calls. A thing to note is that coverage for popular devices like Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S4s costs significantly more than other “ordinary” phones. This will certainly raise eyebrows, as I would pay less to insure my HTC One, which costs more than a Samsung Galaxy S4. What about Vertu users then? What gives?

Nonetheless, interested users can register and find out more at; prices start from S$5.49/month or S$59.29/year.