Is the wait for Grand Theft Auto 5 too long? Well, you can get a taste of the new game’s character switching mechanic with a new mod for GTA IV.


One of the biggest gameplay changes coming to Grand Theft Auto 5 is that instead of one, you’ll be playing as three separate protagonists which you can switch between at the press of a button. However, when you think about it, GTA IV has three protagonists as well: Nico Bellic from the main game, as well as Johnny Klebitz from The Lost & Damned and Luis Fernando Lopez from The Ballad of Gay Tony. Modders have now figured out a way to switch between the three characters in real-time.

The new mod, a script, is a work in progress, but employs a similar character switching system to that found in GTA 5. There are still some bugs in the script, but once it has been installed, pressing a hotkey will zoom out the camera to a Google-maps style satellite view, and then zoom in on one of the other two characters. The two characters who aren’t directly controlled by you become NPCs, strolling around, or evading the cops if they have a wanted level.

Every character has their own health, ammo, armor and vehicles: “Those are saved each time you change [characters] and will be loaded when the game starts.

You can download the script here! Check it out in the video below:

Via Kotaku