Robert Fong, managing director for Monster (Asia Pacific) said that the company did a study in US last year to find out what customers want, and the reports showed that 83% of consumers said that the sound quality matter more to me than the looks and size of the headphones, while 49% of consumers said the sound quality is more important than wearing comfort.

"In 2008, we came up with one Studio headphones, one Tours in-ear and one Turbine. A lot of people asked me if I really want to get into the headphones market. Look at today, we have more than 30 models for the Beats series – overear, on-ear and in-ear. In the last four years, the Beats series did extremely well and captured a huge market share. This year, our motion to our consumers is 'Join the Revolution', which is also what we can offer to our consumers, which is not only Beats but more different models," Fong said.


Here are more pictures of the models