Monster, together with Harajuku Lovers are going kawaii with their latest lineup of products: Harajuku Lovers In-ear headphones.

Monster, in collaboration with Harajuku unveils their latest lineup of in-ear headphones. 

The Sound of Your Super Kawaii Style (SGD $99)
Want to know what "super kawaii," or super cute sounds like? It’s the fine tuned sound of Monster® – Harajuku Lovers Super Kawaii Headphones. It’s high definition sound, fine tuned for your style, for everywhere you go in the world. No matter where you are. Whether you’re on the streets of Harajuku or anywhere else.
Find Your Own Harajuku Wicked Style (SGD $129)
Find your wicked place in the kaleidoscope of Harajuku fashion. You can customize your look with Monster® – Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Headphones. Just pick G or any of the other four Harajuku Girls – Love, Angel, Music, and Baby, to match your outfit or mood for the day. It’s like a costume change for your ears.
Listen to the Supersonic Sounds of Cuteness (SGD $159)
It’s time for you to create your own style that’s totally ultra-modern, ultra-chic, and out-of-this-world. Express yourself and work it by customizing your supersonic cuteness with the Monster® – Harajuku Lovers Space Age G Headphones. Switch up five body colors to match your own Space Age G style because you’re one of a kind. It’s the "earring" that goes beyond just hearing music. It creates the color of your sound.