Once again we see a picture of what is allegedly the back panels of the much rumored low cost iPhone. This budget offering is expected to be unveiled alongside iPhone 5S later this year.


Rumors about a low cost iPhone have been circulating since the days of iPhone 4. It is believed that this device will be offered with multiple color options, its internal specifications are likely to be similar to the current iPhone 5. We’ve already seen purported back panels of the low cost iPhone being leaked, but as yet there’s no way to confirm their authenticity since Apple hasn’t made an announcement regarding the device. For all we know it could very well still be in the prototype stage.

White, green, yellow, blue and red colors are seen in this picture. This is actually the first time we’ve seen the blue part. The back panel itself is said to be made of plastic to keep costs down. Similar color options are already offered by Apple with its fifth generation iPod touch, so won’t come as a surprise if the device comes in more colors than the conventional black and white.

As far as the iPhone 5S is concerned, mass production has reportedly begun. If both devices are indeed going to be unveiled and launched together, then scale production of the low cost iPhone should be underway as well. Apple is rumored to make the announcement this fall.

Source: [Sonny Dickson]