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More AMD Radeon HD 7970 Details

Turkish website DonanimHaber has leaked more official slides from AMD's Radeon HD 7900 press deck. These slides detail HD 7970's reference design and also presents its overclocking capabilities. 

Better cooling seems to be the primary objective around HD 7970's reference design. Unlike HD 5870 and HD 6970, which had the second slot's exhaust vent partially taken up by a DVI connector, HD 7970 dedicates the second slot completely to cooling. This results in improved airflow. The card continues to feature 4 outputs, in HDMI + DVI + 2xminiDP configuration. HDMI-to-DVI and Active mini-DisplayPort adapters (which enable 6 outputs in total) are included so there's no compromise. The fan is noticeably wider, with new blades. This results not only in a higher CFM, but also quieter acoustics. Finally, an improved vapour chamber heatsink further improves cooling and acoustics. 

AMD is actively pushing overclocking for HD 7970. The base clock is indicated to be 925 MHz – making it the highest clocked GPU. It should be no surprise then that it will overclock to "1 GHz and beyond", as AMD puts it. As previously glimpsed, HD 7970 continues to feature the dual-BIOS feature introduced with HD 6900 series – for safe BIOS overclocking. The reference design will feature 3GB GDDR5 and require 6-pin + 8-pin power connectors. 

AMD Radeon HD 7970's launch has now been moved forward to December 22nd. However, this will be a limited release with wide availability only in January. The HD 7950 could still launch on the original release date – January 9th. Interestingly, the HD 7950 will not feature a reference design, and there will be great variety from AIB partners, which could be a reason for its later release. 

Source: DonanimHaber via TechPowerUp

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