AMD Bulldozer will set to appear sometime in October this year. The delay is caused by the inability for some of the processors to reach the required clockspeed. More details inside.

AMD will be offering seven models for its Bulldozer FX series as shown in the table above. Three of the models will be the eight-core variants, two six-core variants and two quad core processors. The top of the range eight-core model, FX-8150 will feature a base CPU frequency of 3.6GHz (4.2GHz on Turbo), 8MB L2 Cache, 8MB L3 Cache and a rated TDP of 125W. A lower TDP of 95W is available for the lower end eight-core model (FX-8120) which has a base CPU frequency of 3.1GHz (4GHz on Turbo). The two high end models for the six-core and quad core variants are still not detailed. Right now, we can only look forward to October for further details.

Source: Donanimhaber