If Morgan Freeman put his mesmerizing voice talent to use in Grand Theft Auto 5, imagine how much more immersive the gaming experience would be.

No one knows what Mr. Freeman does on his free time, and we need to respect the famous actor’s privacy by not snooping around his home or bombard him with flashing cameras when he’s in public.  However, if you have an imagination, let’s just ponder for a second about the possibility that Morgan Freeman is currently playing GTA V, and that he is also adding his own epic narrations while playing.

Chances are, it’s pretty tough for anyone to come up with a well thought out mash-up of Morgan Freeman and GTA V, but worry not if you couldn’t come up with anything.  Here’s a video from Machinima showing off what could be one of Morgan Freeman’s best work yet:

Okay, we may have neglected to mention that the narrator in “Franklin’s Shitty Vacation” isn’t Morgan Freeman (he wouldn’t be caught dead associated with this game).  The talented voice impersonator is none other than Jason Stephens.  You can check out more on this awesome guy here.


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