Apple Stock Bullish


In a recent report released by Morgan Stanley's head Apple analyst, sales for Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and so forth will be doing far better than predicted.  Morgan Stanley’s Apple Analyst, Katy Huberty, issued the report for Morgan Stanley investors on Thursday, November 15th, 2012.


According to a recent report issued to clients of Morgan Stanley (MS), the company stated that a review of the companies in Asia producing the Apple products are showing sales would be doing far better than expected.  Previous estimates stated that for the quarter ending in March 2013, Apple could sell as many as 43 million iPhones and as many as 19 million tablets.  Those estimates have now been bumped to approximately 46 million iPhones and possibly 23 million tablets, which is not only exciting news for investors but also the market in general.

MS sees a ‘bullish’ opinion on Apple, and the investment firm has set a ‘buy’ rating for the stock with an ‘overweight’ position.  This means that MS believes the return on Apple stock can be expected to be well above previous average returns during the next 12 months.  MS currently has Apple with a 714 U.S. dollar price target and estimated the stock could go up as much as 37% from that target in the next year which is close to 1,000.00 U.S. dollars per share.

While MS maintains a bullish opinion on Apple, many investment firms are skeptical about any future sales and are saying that sales would be very hard to predict based on past sales.  Most firms’ maintain a ‘bearish’ opinion on Apple stock, and they pointed out that the current report from MS has not brought the value of the stock price up since their report.  In fact, Apple stock has plummeted as much as 25% post launch of the iPhone 5, which saw a 52-week high of 705.00 U.S. dollars.