A woman trying to get through airport security in New York was stopped when TSA agents discovered she had pistol shaped high heels.

In today’s world, where making a joke can send you to jail and nail clippers are considered a sizable threat to a jetliner’s security, it seems pretty obvious that anything gun-shaped should be left at home when you’re traveling by plane. Of course, some people just aren’t aware of the obvious: A traveler was stopped while passing through the security checkpoint at LaGuardia airport in New York because she was wearing high heels in the shape of pistols.

The shoes were, of course, harmless, and the woman surrendered them freely to TSA agents when she was stopped. In a remarkable demonstration of compassion, the TSA actually didn’t detain her, but let her go on her way, sans shoes. The story was tweeted by TSA’s public affairs spokesperson, who frequently posts tales of other security point transgressors.

Wouldn’t it be cool if they had been real, though?

The tale will probably be told around the TSA break room for years to come, but you may be surprised to hear that this isn’t even close to the first time this has happened. While they aren’t usually attached to shoes,  imitation firearms are caught at security checkpoints quite frequently. Airsoft weapons and other toys are routinely detected and confiscated during x-raying of carry-on luggage, much to the surprise of travelers who never thought that there would be a problem bringing a replica desert eagle on their next flight to the Big Apple.