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Moto X gets off-contract AT&T price, goes up for USC pre-orders, but is unlikely to ever hit Europe

We’ve all talked about it, we’ve all craved for it at one time or another, but ultimately we risk being heavily disappointed by Motorola’s Moto X. 


And it’s not even the thing’s mid-range specs that are to blame. After all, we knew what to expect on that front. The much bigger problems are the pricing structure and its somewhat limited availability.

For one thing, the Moto X is apparently not heading to Europe. At all. Asia neither. Put simply, the 4.7-inch phone will likely only sell in North America. Now, I get the whole “assembled in the USA” thing, but that’s just wrong. And no, the lower-end, low-cost version will not make that go away.

Meanwhile, the first US carrier to open pre-orders for the device is, surprisingly, US Cellular. As AT&T will have exclusivity over the customizable MotoMaker tool for a limited time, USC only has the “woven white” and “woven black” variants up for grabs.

Both will go for $124.99 with two-year contracts, which is theoretically a much better deal than what AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile will offer you. Then again, in practice you’ll still have to cough up 200 bucks upfront, out of which you’ll get back $75 in the form of a MasterCard debit card, but only if you switch to US Cellular from another carrier.


Complicated business, I know, so in the long haul you’d probably be better off just picking an off-contract model. AT&T has confirmed it will sell those for $575 with 16 GB of on-board storage and $629 in a 32 GB flavor, prices that are likely to be replicated by all other US networks.

Finally, if you’re looking to score one of these babies in Canada, your only hope is Rogers. The number one wireless service provider around those parts is taking reservations for the Moto X already and asks $189.99 with a signed 24-month pact.

All things considered, is anyone planning to go for this slightly underwhelming upper mid-ranger? If so, will you be choosing one of the standard black or white variations or go for a special customized version with purple accents or something like that?

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