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Moto X phone to have color and engraving options

People looking into to picking up a Moto X phone will have the ability to customize the handset’s colors, wallpapers, as well as a personalized engraving.

According to a report, Moto X customers can select different colors for the back case, and another for the trim.  People will also be able to engrave their names or messages into the back cover of the phone, although we’re not quite sure of the character limit yet.  Lastly, people can upload their own picture through the website so that when the phone arrives in the mail, the wallpaper will have a preset wallpaper of your choosing.

For those that don’t want to go through the fuss of customizing their Moto X handset, they can always get a standard-looking device through a local carrier.  Spokesperson for Motorola says that the phone will be available on most major carriers.  Verizon, however, won’t be rebranding the phone as a “Droid” like many other Motorola phones it received in the past.

Motorola is expected to begin shipping the device in the coming weeks, and with all the assembly work being done in the U.S., Motorola has ensured U.S. residents that they’ll have the device in-hand without having to deal with international delays.


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