The 25 back panel options will reportedly include four different leather variants, along with the existing wood and plastic choices.

moto-x-customisation (1)

Motorola has confirmed that a Moto X successor will be launching in the summer, and according to evleaks, the second-generation device will be called the Moto X+1 and will have up to 25 different back cover customization options.

The leather finish will be available in black, red, grey and blue, while the wood variant will be offered in Teak, Bamboo, Rosewood, and Ebony color options. The rest of the colors will be categorized into cool (Navy, Turquoise, Olive, Royal Blue, Dark Teal), neutral (Slate, Purple, Smoke, Black, Chalk), and warm (Red, Orange, Lemon Lime, Violet, Crimson, Raspberry, Cabernet) colors, most of which have been available for the Moto X as well.

Unfortunately, there’s no telling whether all the leather back covers will be available on launch day, or if Motorola will be rolling out all options gradually after the phone’s launch. Also missing is any info on what hardware the Moto X+1 will carry, though it’s likely the company will once again focus on the software experience instead of putting all its resources on the specifications.

Source: Twitter