Yesterday, Moto X was released along with the Moto Maker customization kit. Most of the customizations offered by Moto Maker are free, but if you are planning to get a back plate made of organic material, you may have to wait a little longer, and it may come with a premium price.


Diving in to the MotoMaker website’s source code, the extra cost can be found right next to premium customizations. Moto X is expected to get the wood back panel by the end of this year, likely in teak, bamboo, ebony, and rosewood as mentioned in the source code. As they say, all good things come with a price tag and wood customization will increase the cost of the device to $250 with contract for the 16GB variant while the 32GB version will go up to $299. Now, the question that remains would be is it worth paying an extra $50 for the wood panel?

It is not confirmed as of now, and the extra cost that is mentioned in the source code could be a random number. The company didn’t reveal any exact release date for the organic back panel customizations and is expected to roll out by the end of Q4. That’s a long time in the current mobile industry where we are used to see a new handset now and then.

Source: Phandroid