According to a leaked T-Mobile internal documents, it looks like a Motorola phone called Alpha could be in the pipeline. And from reports, the Motorola Alpha could be the Motorola CLIQ 2.

When we all thought that T-Mobile has showcased every product from CES 2011, it looks like that is not all true. From internal documents that were recently leaked, it looks like there is a new Motorola phone by the name Alpha. From the screenshot, both the Motorola Alpha and Motorola CLIQ appeared on the same page.

Reports stated that Motorola Alpha could just be a temporary name for Motorola CLIQ 2, as it has long been known as “Begonia”. Moreover, it is obvious that smartphones care categorized accordingly, and for Motorola Alpha to be on the same page as CLIQ would already mean the new phone could be the successor. We would only find out when T-Mobile officially announce the Motorola CLIQ 2.