Motorola DEXT

Motorola has been quiet most of last year until the launch of their new CLIQ and DROID smartphones in US in the last quarter. Today, Motorola and SingTel have jointly announce the launch of the new Motorola DEXT smartphone in Singapore. (The Motorola DEXT is the asian name for the CLIQ).

Spiros Nikolakopoulos, Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific and International Distribution, Motorola Mobile Devices, says that the new Motorola DEXT with the company’s proprietary MOTOBLUR will provide a compelling and unique experience for mobile users.

“One of the things we want to achieve in the marketplace is really to change what a user expects from a mobile device. We want to differentiate and raise the bar in Singapore as well as the global market.”

“For the DEXT phone, the current renewed focus of Motorola in the Asia Pacific region is in the area where we (SingTel) are very happy to work with them. And at the same time, it also complements our vision to be a multimedia communication solutions company.” said Ms Sarah Chua, Vice President, Consumer Marketing, SingTel.

With the unique MOTOBLUR platform, the DEXT allows user to set up their social media accounts and have the updates shown on the homescreen. You can also link your contacts in the address book with their profile on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter too, so that you can access the chat history you had with the particular contact. The touchscreen isn’t exactly smooth for the finger to glide on, though it is still pretty responsive to use.

The DEXT has a QWERTY keyboard that slides out from the left for you to type your messages. A four-directional navigation key is also conveniently placed on the left of the keyboard. While the phone is capable of video and still image recording, it does not have built-in LED flash, which means you are likely to end up with dark pictures if the situation is not well-illuminated.

According to Motorola, Singapore is the only country in Asia to launch the DEXT smart phone while talks are still in progress in other countries. The Motorola DEXT will be available from this Saturday.