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Motorola and SingTel launch Motorola DEXT

Singapore – 20 January 2010 – Motorola and SingTel have introduced in Singapore a unique mobile service platform with the launch of Motorola DEXT, Motorola’s first Android-powered device.
SingTel users will be the first in Asia to enjoy this breakthrough social mobile device, powered by the unique MOTOBLUR platform and complemented by SingTel’s mSocial service plan.
Developed by Motorola, the MOTOBLUR platform is one of the first solutions to synchronize contacts, posts, feeds, messages, e-mails, photos and more – from sources such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Gmail, work and personal email – and automatically deliver them all to the home screen.

SingTel will offer a newly created value-added service, mSocial, priced at S$5.35 per month for consumers to enjoy unlimited local mobile data using the MOTOBLUR platform. These include photo uploads, postings received and status updates on popular social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter within the MOTOBLUR service platform.
mSocial includes 100MB of local data for all other internet surfing and email access. In addition, excess usage beyond 100MB is capped at S$30 per month, giving customers peace of mind when using Motorola DEXT. Also, as a launch promotion, mSocial is free to all customers who sign up for any 3G Flexi plans with the device.
SingTel customers can also access a suite of services to meet their mobile lifestyle needs. The exciting services include: i) MobileTV viewing for Channel 8 Primetime, Channel NewsAsia, Bloomberg  and Football Frenzy ii) TrafficLIVE, an intelligent traffic planning service and iii) Android applications like SingTel’s first “BroadBand on Mobile” data usage application for Android devices. This application allows customers to keep track of their data usage and will be available free of charge soon.
Pricing and availability details
Motorola DEXT is available from Saturday, 23 January 2010 from as low as S$0 – S$248 (on any 3G Flexi Plans) or S$0 – S$348 (on SingTel’s free incoming call plans).  Customers on free incoming call plans who sign up for mSocial will enjoy an additional S$50 discount.
Customers on SingTel’s free incoming call plans (excluding 3G Flexi plans) can sign up for mSocial at a promotional price of S$5.35/month (usual price is S$9.90). mSocial is free for customers who sign up for the latest enhanced 3G Flexi plans that come with 12GB of local data, starting from S$39/month, with local data usage capped at S$30.
To purchase DEXT, visit any SingTel retail store or SingTel Exclusive Retailers, and SingTel’s online store, http://www.singtelshop.com/
To experience DEXT with MOTOBLUR, please visit www.motorola.com/motoblur

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