When Motorola launched the Atrix, one of its biggest selling points was the ability to connect the smartphone to the Webtop docking station and transform the device into an impromptu notebook, complete with its own custom Webtop user interface. However, a recent hack seems to have removed the requirement of having such a docking station to enjoy the Webtop experience.

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The Atrix 4G may not be the newest smartphone on the block, but it sure is the first smartphone to actually blur the lines between a mobile telecommunications device and a portable computing machine. After all, no other smartphone on the market features the capability to connect itself onto a specialized docking station known as the Webtop and miraculously transforming the device into an impromptu laptop, complete with customized user interface, keyboard and trackpad.

However, as is the way in the open-source community, any new feature is fair game for hacking, and it seems that the enterprising hackers have found a way to enable the Webtop experience without having to purchase the docking station. Apparently, the hackers found that enabling the feature requires little more than installing a few modified files into the Atrix; Once that is done, users merely need to connect the 'modified' Atrix to a large enough display via HDMI, pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and they are set to enjoy the Atrix's desktop PC-like functionalities.

Of course, these kind of modifications fall under a very large grey area as far as legality is concerned. Needless to say we will not be providing instructions pertaining to obtaining the modified files and installing them to your Atrix 4G. And should you decide to go with the modifications any way…well, let's just say that we cannot be held responsible for brand-new Atrix 4G smartphones that have found a new purpose in life as a classy-looking paperweight.

Source: Liliputing