Motorola Droid Ultra gets listed on the official Motorola web page, pretty much confirms the Kevlar body.

Motorola Droid Ultra Smartphone

It looks like a new Droid Smartphone by Motorola is indeed headed our way. That this phone is the same as the leaked Motorola Moto X phone, or the child of Google’s Motorola X phone project is unknown at the moment.

As of now, we have no further information regarding this phone other than the image posted below. The Droid Ultra may be a part of the Motorola X phones lineup, it may be a separate phone, who knows? What we are really hoping for is a new design and UI (we’re tired of all Motorola high-end phones looking the same) with the launch of the new X phones, or the Droid Ultra.

Motorola Droid Ultra thin

The site lists some other features of the phone that point to it being a mid-range Smartphone at best. A 4.3-inch qHD display, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, dual-core processor and 1080p video capture are no longer going to impress anybody. Here’s hoping that the specifications aren’t final and that the web page gets updated soon (or at a later date).

C’mon Moto, don’t be a Samsung, show us something new.

Source: Motorola | via Droid Life