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Motorola issues Cease & Desist notifications against leaked Froyo ROMs for Droid X

Well, it was only a matter of time, but no one actually expected Motorola to move that fast. Apparently, the company has started sending out Cease & Desist orders against the modding community for allegedly releasing leaked builds of its Froyo ROM for the Droid X smartphone.

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If you, through various means, happen to have a Motorola Droid X and are keen on getting custom Froyo ROMs for Motorola’s Android-powered smartphone, you might want to obtain these rooms as quickly as possible, for they are in danger of disappearing soon.

And by ‘soon’, we mean ‘really soon’. Not because Froyo is soon becoming outdated (it certainly is not), but because Motorola has started sending out Cease & Desist notifications to the Android modding community, claiming that the current batch of custom Froyo ROMs infringe on the company’s intellectual property. 

MyDroidWorld, a popular website which allows people to download custom Android ROMs created by various members of the community, is one such website which has been served with Motorola’s official notice. It is believed that many other such websites have also been issued such notices and are in the process of taking down the custom Froyo ROMs for the Motorola Droid X as this article is published.

Technically, redistribution and modification of the Android ROMs are legal due to the terms and conditions set out in the GPL, which Android is licensed under. However, it seems that Motorola’s cause in unique in the sense that current custom Froyo ROMs for the Droid X are based off leaked builds of Motorola’s own optimized builds instead of a stock build obtained fromo the Android source tree, which may contain various proprietary aspects not covered under the GPL. And these proprietary aspects may be the reason Motorola is aggressively clamping down on the custom ROMs based of its own leaked version.

Of course, you might also be wondering why we are even suggesting that you try a custom ROM on your Android smartphones. After all, that sounds nothing like the law-abiding, warranty-respecting technophiles that we are here at VR-Zone, That is true to some extent, but let’s face it: smartphones are meant for modding, are they not?

Source: MyDroidWorld

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