Motorola Mobility has been around for ages now so this brand new logo symbolizes the change in direction the company has been promising they will pursue starting this year. Also, colors!


Since purchasing Motorola Mobility I think it’s fair to say that Google hasn’t exactly done too much with the company. They’ve been hinting that this won’t be the case starting this year and probably more-so next year, and this new logo that they’ve shown off goes to show that they mean business. Or something.

Either way, what you’re seeing in the image above is the new logo for Motorola Mobility which doesn’t seem to be hiding their Google nature. That logo has also been seen plastered on leaks for the Moto X phone  (without the colors) so don’t be surprised to see it on all their devices moving forward. The company has been hinting that big changes are coming from them so the change of the logo is definitely not a coincidence when it comes to timing.

Now we just have to wait and see if they can actually deliver on the promises they’ve made to help reshape the smartphone market, starting with the american made Moto X set to be released before the end of this Summer.

Via: The Verge