The Moto G Cinema is listed on Motorola’s website and hints at a Moto G variant with a larger screen.


An image leaked by @evleaks has revealed the existence of a new variant of Motorola’s value-for-money budget handset.

With the Moto E expected to be unveiled soon, the Moto G Cinema will likely be a low-key device. A larger screen is possible, though with the Moto G Forte turning out to be nothing but a Moto G with a hard shell case pre-installed instead of a rugged version, the Moto G Cinema could simply be the same device with preloaded digital content like movies and TV shows.

There’s nothing to go on at the moment except for the rather vague image, but it’s likely the Moto G Cinema could be announced along with the Moto E, or perhaps even before that if it is exclusive to a particular region. Motorola had said that its acquisition by Lenovo wouldn’t affect its device release schedule, and devices like the Moto E and Moto G Cinema indicate that Motorola will be sticking to its word for the foreseeable future.

Source: Twitter