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Mounting evidence suggests LG G3 will indeed carry Quad HD display

LG’s next-generation flagship smartphone, expected to build on G2’s success and be the root of Google’s Nexus 6, is nearly confirmed as possibly one of the world’s first ever Quad HD display handhelds.


Overkill is likely the word that comes to mind most often when talking screen resolutions on mobile phones beyond the Full HD mark. Many fear not only would QHD, aka 2K, be a gimmick with limited real-life use, but also that it might further stifle battery life and raise product manufacturing costs.

And by the looks of it, OEMs such as Samsung, Sony or HTC agree with Quad HD critics. Or at least reckon the time has not yet come to make the controversial move. Meanwhile, LG, which also took the wraps off a Full HD high-ender recently, is apparently ready to gamble.

Will it pay off? It’s much too early for predictions, as the G3 is tipped to go official in May, at the earliest. August, at the latest, as that’s when the G2 will turn one.

LG D850

What’s almost certain is the D850, aka AT&T-bound LG G3, sports a display with an unrivaled 2,560 x 1,440 pixels resolution (no, Vivo isn’t a legit rival). The scoop comes from leak guru @evleaks, and is based on a no doubt bona fide user agent profile string found on LG’s very own website. Plus, it’s backed by a report from 72 hours ago.

Sadly, the groundbreaking pixel count is all the fresh UA Prof reveals, leaving vital details like size, processing power, RAM, camera sensors or battery size to the imagination. Current speculation circles the 5.5-inch figure when it comes to screen real estate, 13 for the rear-facing snapper’s megapixel toll, while the rest is truly anybody’s guess at the moment.

Aside from AT&T, LG’s G3 is allegedly headed to T-Mobile (model number D851) and Verizon (VS985), as well as to numerous European and Asian markets under yet to be divulged aliases. Keep an eye out for any suspicious mention, and do tip us off if credible information comes to light.

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