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Move over Wind Pad; there is a Kid Pad coming through

Parents will probably be weary about entrusting an expensive tablet to the kids, and for good reason. After all, tablets are prime targets for thieves, and children usually are not capable of shouldering the responsibility of owning a mobile Internet device such as a tablet at their age.  Fortunately for the kids, the day where they can get their first tablet may be close: MSI has just announced a new Kid Pad tablet which is specially designed for the young ones.

Most of us would not hesitate to dip into the savings account and withdraw a handsome sum of money for various upgrades such as a new notebook, new PC hardware and a new smartphone. Ironically, we balk at purchasing the same expensive devices for our children, often justifying our reluctance with the overused excuse of the kid not being mature and responsible enough to look after such a device.

While it may be true that children lack the aforementioned qualities needed to own and properly care for expensive consumer electronics products like tablets and smartphones, denying them the gadgets that are essential for growing up in the highly connected world of today is not necessarily the best idea. Fortunately, it appears that MSI has a solution for parents who are caught in such a dilemma, and its answer comes in the form of the MSI Kid Pad tablet.

Chinese website Newpad.cn claims that the Kid Pad was specially designed by MSI for children, and the images it has posted appear to back its claim. Unlike the more professional-looking Wind Pad, the Kid Pad sports a white plastic body and a 10-inch flat panel touchscreen, while a special ‘bumper’ frame located at the Kid Pad’s rear can be used as either a carrying handle or a stand, as shown in the pictures below.

Connectivity-wise, the Kid Pad does not appear to be lacking in any areas. An image from Newpad.cn reveal that the Kid Pad will have two standard 3.5mm ports for audio-related purposes, along with two USB ports.

Unfortunately, no information about the Kid Pad’s hardware, operating system, price and release date has been revealed, although Newpad.cn claims that the child-oriented tablet will sport a decent eight hour battery life and weigh 900 grams. That being said, whether the Kid Pad will ever find its way to our shores is really up for speculation, although we really will not be surprised to see kindergarteners totting such a device around as a replacement for textbooks in the near future (and wearing glasses at much younger ages in the process).

Source and images: Newpad.cn

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