Mozilla launches the Firefox… Wait what? Sorry we lost count. So Mozilla launches a new version of their popular Firefox browser (version 22 this time) that brings a bunch of new features along with it (like always). Read on to find out more.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla has released a new version (22) of their popular Firefox browser, celebrating its 15th anniversary now. With this release, Mozilla brings in a host of cool new features that includes support for 3D gaming (there’s a title available for playing right away), and support for a “supercharged” subset of JavaScript (asm.js) which allows for applications such as image processing and 3D games to run directly off the browser. Sweet… Totally!

Mozilla Firefox 22 changelog

Also included is the addition of Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) which enables developers to code applications that allow users to place voice or video calls directly from within the browser, be it mobile or (mobile will not be receiving WebRTC support, meanwhile smaller tablets will be blessed with full tablet UI support) desktop.

Mozilla Firefox 22 BananaBread 3D game

I know I know… You must be itching to try out that game I wrote about earlier. Well, the name’s BananaBread (What’s in a name right?) and to play it, hit the link posted below (along with the download link to the new browser update). Just FYI, BananaBread utilizes asm.js, WebRTC, WebGL and Emscripten.

Download: Mozilla | BananaBread (Game) | Source: Mozilla Blog | Release Notes: Mozilla


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