Mozilla's latest update to their popular open source Firefox browser bumps the version up to 21, and brings a handful of new features including the very promising Social API support.





Mozilla has launched the newest version of their Firefox browser. The new Firefox 21 packs Mozilla's Social API support that allows your favorite social networking websites to integrate themselves right into your browser (Facebook fans jump with joy!).

Social API support

This new API as Mozilla writes "has endless potential for integrating social networks, e-mail, finance, music, cloud possibilities, services, to-do lists, sports, news and other applications into your Firefox experience.” The newest version of Firefox also adds preliminary support for Firefox Healt Report. Mozilla's browser now gives you suggestions on how to improve your application's start up time (much like what Microsoft is doing with Internet Explorer).

Firefox for Android

Firefox for Android also gets an update with support for two new open source fonts, namely Charis and Open Sans. Mozilla is replacing the default Android fonts with a more visually appealing and clear reading experience on the Web.” They cite the differences as subtle, but beautiful”. Additionally, you can save media files by simply making a long tap and also access recent browsing history by using the forward and back buttons. These minor changes sometimes go a long way in enhancing user experience, and Mozilla clearly seems to be moving forward with that goal in mind. As a bonus, HTML5 benchmark shows a minor improvement (of 14 points) with a score of 421 of 500: that might not really reflect your day to day browsing, but its nice to know that constant efforts are being made to make the code more efficient. 

Head over to Google Play Store to download Mozilla Firefox 21 for your android device.

Source: Mozilla Blog via TechCrunch


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