Mozilla is recruiting app developers, and one of the incentives include a free preview handset for people attending workshops that are spread out at various locales.

The first three locations for the Firefox OS workshop include Madrid, Spain on April 20, Bogota, Columbia Colombia on May 18, and Warsaw, Poland on June 1.  Mozilla is looking for people who are familiar with developing software for PhoneGap, Chrome, webOS, BlackBerry WebWorks, and other formats. 

(It looks cheap, and it is cheap.)

Mozilla and its partners will launch Firefox OS later this year to selected markets, with the U.S. following in 2014.  Some of the first markets to begin test driving Firefox OS are Brazil, Colombia, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, Serbia, Spain and Venezuela.  Many of the mentioned markets are emerging markets, and Mozilla is aiming to grow a loyal following with affordable smartphones—dirt cheap even. 

Despite what many analysts are referring to as the “saturation” of the smartphone market, many of the markets which Mozilla and co. are tackling still hold opportunities for growth.  Hence, even Intel—a big shot in the chip making business—is also gambling its resources on markets like China and India.