Ride along with Mozilla Japan, as they are about to roll out a new platform concept that would yet again put the wheels in the web.


The Mozilla Bus (MozBus) Project is a vehicle, a mobile center that is installed with a self-powered satellite broadband system. The unit was the result of an initiative made by Mozilla Factory, and was actually already in development well over a year ago, when it was first revealed at their official website last spring of 2012. Overall, it may not look impressive tech-wise. However, the theme of the vehicle’s development is “to bring the web closer to people”, and indeed, Mozilla Japan plans to provide workshops, lectures and exhibits around the subject of the internet using the MozBus.

The MozBus of course won’t just be a simple mobile broadband caravan, as it is also intended to be a testbed for research that involves networking ideas and the internet. In addition, it will also serve as a center for disaster prevention studies. Its reserve self-powered telecommunication outlet would provide an example of the kind of emergency service that can be provided in urban areas just in case power becomes widely unavailable.


The MozBus Project is currently being formally supported by IPSTAR, Keio University Shounan Fujisawa Campus, OpenStreetMap Foundation Japan, and Cisco Systems. Its actual deployment is slated to start around October 2013.

Source: Mozilla Factory (JP), via MyNavi (JP)


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