Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla has released the Firefox 4 Beta just few days before Christmas. The new browser claims to offer easier device setup for Firefox Sync as well as expanded support for 3D graphics in the browser. Have you downloaded the new Beta yet?

Mozilla was able to release their Firefox 4 Beta web browser just slightly before Christmas, and it could well be the last for this year. (Not the last one of course).

In the company’s recent blog post, it promises “easier account and new device setup for Firefox Sync, expanded support for 3D graphics in the browser and a revamped Firefox Add-ons Manager”. For Firefox sync, users can easily setup and sync their history, bookmarks, passwords across computers and smartphones, and with good security.

Firefox 4 Beta also supports WebGL which allows developers to create interactive 3D games and graphics for the Web without the need of third-party plug-ins.

Try out the new Firefox 4 Beta here –

Source: The Mozilla Blog