Mozilla Seabird

Billy May, a Mozilla designer, has come up with a futuristic concept phone that comes with 8-megapixel camera, dual pico projectors, embedded Bluetooth dongle and features wireless charging. Called Seabird, the phone has an unusual shape though it looks stylish overall.

The Mozilla Seabird may be a concept phone, but it could be what phones are going to be like in the not-so-distant future. The phone comes with two pico projectors on either side. When docked, one projects your presentation on the wall while the other projects a full-size virtual keyboard; the Seabird should be able to accurately detect your typing.

You can also use the two projectors to form two halves of the virtual keyboard on each side instead of relying on the onscreen keyboard. The Seabird also has a small Bluetooth dongle that fits neatly at the back of the phone. It can be used as a earpiece, or to move the cursor on the phone’s display. The dongle also has a button for clicking/selecting the icon onscreen, and you can also pan and zoom.

Based on Android platform, the Seabird has a unique shape, though it does look good aesthetically. Well, its still a concept phone, but it will be cool if such phone do exist.

Check out the YouTube video of the Mozilla Seabird

Source: Mozilla