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MSI Announces New Mini-ITX boards and F-Series Notebooks

Desktops are definitely here to say, despite what many pundits claim otherwise. However, there is no denying that their place in the home and office are slowly being squeezed out by mobile computing devices such as entry-level notebooks, smartphones and slates, all of which are capable of performing the computer’s basic tasks without much issue,

Still, when it comes to serious work such as 3D-modelling, gaming or even multimedia entertainment, the humble desktop is still the way to go. Fortunately, there exists a special class of notebooks known as desktop-replacements, which claim to be able to offer most of the performance of a full-fledged desktop while still retaining aspects of portability and mobility for the user who is always on the move. And MSI’s recently-announced line of F-series notebooks fall neatly into this category.

As MSI puts it: these new laptops “have the heart of a racecar”.


With a shell that is crafted out of organic materials, MSI claims that the FX400 is the best choice for users who are concerned about electrical waste and carbon footprints. Specs-wise, the FX400 also proves that one does not need to sacrifice on performance to be Earth-friendly: the FX400 features an Intel Core i5 processor (no specific model given), an NVIDIA GeForce GT 325m graphics card with 1GB of VRAM, a 14-inch screen.

In addition, the FX400 will come bundled with MSI’s own Turbo Drive Engine (TDE) and GPU Boost technology for that little bit more juice in mobile computing.

MSI FX600/FX600MX/FR600

If you are the kind of person who hates having to deal with scratches on your notebook’s shell, the MSIFX600/FX600MX/FR600 notebook would make for a decent solution. According to MSI, the FX600/FX600MX/FR600 notebooks use a certain “chemical-free raised totem seal coating” which is supposedly effective in preventing scratches and smudges.

In addition, the FX600/FX600MX/FR600 notebooks all make use of Intel’s Core i5 processor (once again, no specific processor model is given), a large 15.6-inch screen, and comes bundled with both MSI’s TDE and THX TruStudio Pro. The main difference between them lies in their choice of graphics cards: while the FX600 utilizes a GT 325M, the FR600 sports the more modest Intel HD Graphics, with the FX600MX offering the GeForce 310M instead.


Like the FX600/FX600MX/FR600 notebooks before it, the MSI FX603 also features a large 15.6-inch screen, making it well suited for most entertaiment and work needs. It also features the same scratch-proof and smudge-proof coating found in the FX600/FX600MX/FR600 notebooks, but what lies under the hood is a completely different beast altogether.

Unlike the FX600/FX600MX/FR600 notebooks, te MSI FX603 comes bundled with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 425M graphics card, which is capable of supporting DirectX11 for better graphics. In addition, the FX603 will also ship with GPU Boost Technology, which allows the notebook to toggle between the omboard Intel HD Graphics and the GT423M for greater battery efficiency.

MSI FR600 3D

The FR600 3D is essentially the same notebook as the FR600 notebook mentioned previously, with the sole exception being that the FR600 3D sports a 3D display instead of a generic LCD screen. Specs-wise, it still sports the same 15.6-inch display and the not-so-stellar Intel HD Graphics.


Think of the FX610/FX610MX notebooks as the AMD counterpart to the FX600/FX600MX/ notebooks mentioned earlier and you would have more or less nailed down these two notebooks perfectly. While the FX600/FX600MX notebooks made use of Intel’s processors and NVIDIA’s graphics cards, the FX610 and FX610MX sport nothing but AMD processors and graphics solutions.

According to MSI, both notebooks will also feature 15.6-inch displays, with the main difference between the FX610 and the FX610MX being the hardware that lies under the hood. The FX610 will only make use of Phenom II X3 processors, while the FX610MX offers a slightly greater variety of processors, with two Phenom II X3 processors (P820 and P840) and one mobile Athlon II X2 processor (P320) available for consumers to choose from. However, both notebooks will make use of the same graphics card: an AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5470.

MSI FX700/FR700

Last but definitely not least, the MSI FX700 and FR700 are designed for users who are willing to sacrifice any pretense of portability in favor of power and user experience. Equipped with hulking 17.3-inch screens, both the FX700 and FR700 are claimed by MSI to offer the best multimedia experience for the user; backing this claim are features such as Dynaudio collaboration, brushed metal finishes and chrome-trimmed touches.

Both the FX700 and FR700 will feature Intel’s Core i5 processors, with the sole differentiating factor lying in the choice of graphics cards: the FX700 makes use of a GT 425M card, while the FR700 will offer the mainstream Intel HD Graphics instead.

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