The interior of the MSI EX300 is simple. The keyboard is nice to type on, but we felt that the keys could be slightly wider for better comfort. (Perhaps the row of PgUp/PgDn/Home/End could be shifted elsewhere instead).

The primary operation buttons are located on the strip above the keyboard. We have (from right to left) the power button, wireless switch (which switches on WiFi only, Bluetooth only, or both), a webcam button, and an Eco button which is an MSI technology for better power savings.

MSI has included a fingerprint sensor on the EX300. It is a good-to-have feature, even though it is not necessary for this laptop’s target consumer.

The touchpad is smooth and the cursor is responsive. However we found the left and right buttons to be a bit too rigid. We ended up using the double-tapping method instead of click and dragging our finger across the touchpad to make selections.


Operation indicators are located on the front right edge of the laptop.

Audio in/out jacks and the infrared port are also located along the front.


The right side of the laptop houses an ExpressCard slot, a media card reader, USB, eSATA, HDMI ports and the power connector. The laptop vent is also located along this side.


The left side has a VGA out and Ethernet connectors and another USB port. The optical drive is located on this side.

Note the bulge from the battery pack. The battery pack is an 8-cell and hence it does not sit flush with the laptop. Instead, it elevates the laptop at an angle slightly, which is actually good as this allows air to flow freely underneath the laptop for better cooling.

There is also a 4-cell battery option which the battery will sit flush with the laptop shell.