As you can see, the MSI GeForce 6800 uses MSI’s traditional red colored PCB and uses the same PCB found in the 6800GT and 6800 Ultra.

NV40 design specifications have all of the card’s onboard memory chips on the front side of the video card. This is primarily done because having all your memory chips on the front of the card allows for them to be cooled by the card’s heatsink fan, giving you overall higher memory frequencies.

It’s also important to note that the MSI GeForce 6800 is a single-slot video card. Therefore, it will be able to fit in almost any SFF system without any problems.

Also important to note is the MSI GeForce 6800’s one four pin molex power connector. We’ve seen additional power connectors on graphics cards since the R300 back in 2002, and it looks like the trend will continue through PCI Express graphics cards and beyond.

And finally, the MSI GeForce 6800 uses the standard VGA, S-Video, and DVI outputs.