Anti-Aliasing, or AA for short is
the technology that was introduced into video cards
a few years ago that to put in most basic terms,
gets rid of the jaggedness of the lines in your
games. The MSI FX5200 TDR128 has the same AA options
as its GeForce 4 counterparts, allowing you to turn
on either 2x AA, Quincunx AA, and or 4x AA. We’ll
be using Novalogic’s Comanche 4 Demo, with default
settings turned on and high quality mode enabled
to test the MSI FX5200 TDR128 with AA enabled.

We did not expect too much from a
card that is priced below $ 100, and with that, we
got what we expected. We saw a marginal improvement
going from the GeForce 4 line’s mainstream champion,
the GeForce 4 MX 440 to tthe GeForce FX 5200, Of
course gaming performance with AA turned on using
the MSI FX5200 TDR128 is significantly slowed down,
and it is really not suggested to use mainstream
cards like the MSI FX5200 TDR128 in conjunction
with AA playing today’s games.