Card Layout:

Of course as we’ve come to expect
from MSI, we see a red PCB with the FX5600-TDR128,
with the card being roughly the size of a GeForce
4 MX 440.

When we turn the card around you can
see the copper heat spreader first implemented in
MSI’s NV28 graphics cards, which of course helps
to keep the card’s memory cool.

Also like we first saw with MSI’s
NV28 cards, the FX5600-TDR128 using MSI’s very own
T.O.P. Tech cooling, which looks like a very scaled
down version of the reference 5800 Ultra, of course
without the dust-buster like noise.

The FX5600-VTDR128 has the standard
VGA, S-Video, and DVI connectors.