Synthetic Benchmarks

Windows Experience Index


Cinebench 11.529

Pretty decent performance here – the CPU bested a desktop Core i7-860



Very good storage performance – almost SSD-like but with lots of capacity to spare (1.5tB)


PCMark 7

This is as good as most desktop systems today


3DMark 11 Performance and Xtreme Presets

Unfortunately the GTX560M (which is closer to the desktop GTS450) starts to show its lack of pixel pushing power here.


Game Benchmarks


Game benchmarks provide a more realistic indicator of real world gaming performance. Here is a chart to help our readers interpret FPS results (Vsync off):

FPS Range Comments
>100 Excellent / Ownage
60-99 Acceptable
30-59 Playable, with occasional lags/slowdown
20-29 Not enjoyable and No for fast paced action
10-19 It's bad mkay
0-9 Slideshow / Waste time


Crysis 2 DX 11 Downtown Benchmark

Resolution / Setting Min FPS Avg FPS
1280×720 High 6.8 32.1
1920×1080 Ultra 7.8 19.2

Playable framerates were only achieved in 720p


DiRT 3 DX 11 Monacco Route 0 Benchmark

Resolution / Setting Min FPS Avg FPS
1280×720 High 27.3 110.8
1920×1080 Ultra 39.4 44.6

DiRT 3 was slightly more forgiving, but the lack of fillrate in the GTX560M has really hurt its performance


Street Fighter 4 (DX9)

In older DX9 games, the GTX560M should do just fine.


Battlefield 3

We used the second level of the single player campaign and started a fraps sequence from the start of the level till when the first bullet gets fired by the insurgents.

Resolution / Setting Min FPS Avg FPS
1280×720 Low 44 71.880
1280×720 High 34 48.771
1920×1080 Low 30 41.4
1920×1080 High 29 25.685
1920×1080 Ultra 11 16.077