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MSI GT780R Gaming Notebook Review – Taking the battlefield on the road

Cooling System

To find out if the cooling system could cope with long hours of gameplay, we used an (unrealistic) scenario of Prime 95 Blend + Furmark to simulate full GPU loads. Heres how it went:

Top marks for MSI here as the cooling system handled the loads well and the keyboard surface remained cool.

Battery Life

For obvious reasons (this is a 17-inch quad core laptop afterall), we didn't bother to formally test battery life. However it did manage a 1-hour session of Battlefield 3 on full charge and around 1.5 hours of casual web surfing.

Don't leave home without the power adapter.



The MSI GT780R is a fine notebook overall with a bright and responsive screen, fast quad core CPU and RAID-0 storage. Sadly it gets caught short by its anemic GTX560M (closer to the desktop GTS450) and could not really handle 1080p DX11 gameplay. Newer games like Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2 will be more enjoyable on the MSI GT780R with moderate 720p graphic settings. Considering that it has a bulky 17-inch chassis and weighs almost 4KG (including the power adapter) to carry around, we can't help but feel slightly disappointed it couldn't be better.

Strangely enough, some so-called gaming laptops have lower specifications than the GT780R especially in the graphics department (we've seen some come with Dual Core CPUs and much lower end GPUs) – says a lot about how suitable they are for DX11 gaming.

Hopefully with Intel Ivy Bridge Ultrabook designs and new mobile graphics solutions from Nvidia and AMD coming up next year, we will get to see thinner, lighter, longer lasting and more powerful laptops which we can take on the road and still get on the battlefield.


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